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LuminiGrow 600R1

LuminiGrow 600R1


The LuminiGrow 600R1 provides a multifunctional, and economical way for plant growth!


LuminiGrow 600R1 uses approximately 60% less power than a 1500 watt HPS lighting, and produce
crops with better yields.

Plants in different phases of growth require different  intensity light. LuminiGrow 600R1 provides 4 programmable channels which allow you to save energy by reducing intensity for young seedling.

Heat Dissipation
Aluminum fins heatsink cooling and speed-controlled fans to dissipate, low noise level. 70% cooler than HID lighting, cool the LEDs below 50 °C.

We apply PWM tech to control the fan, improving control of brightness, and control of fan speed and noise. With self-monitoring function, once the fan stops woking, the LED brightness would darken to 20% so as to protect the light.

We use the newest popular technology DMX and PMW control way, digital signal demand, more steady.

There are 4 individually adjustable channels, timing and dimming, including: Automatic, Manual, Veg, Bloom, UVB, Full spectrum working modes, daisy chain is compatible, automatically save the setting parameter for the next time users’ setting.

Modular Design
We've designed the LuminiGrow 600R1 to be forward-thinking. Modular PCB, modular LED, modular power adapter, modular fan etc. Changing a module is as easy as plug-and-play. If any part got broken, free parts would be sent to you right away, what you need is just a screw-driver. And this design allows our light to be upgraded as the technology progress.

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