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CHANGE! Control Pollution!! Conserve Energy!!!  Mollify the adversity of Global Warming…save our Earth.   We hear them everyday and we want to do our part to help preserve our beautiful Earth, our home.   By taking some very small, simple and inexpensive steps, we would have fulfilled our duty as a responsible Earth citizen.

Ardent followers of Environmental Policies, our founders have taken the mission to the heart.  At home and at work, we utilize products that are energy efficient; we prefer natural, environmental friendly products; we alleviate the use of disposable items for convenience, mitigate unnecessary frills for packaging.  We recycle whichever we can, keeping our wastage to a minimum.

Green is not just an ecological status; it is an attitude of life.  Our GREEN maxim…

G = Growth

R = Recycle
EE = Energy Efficient
N = Natural