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Westech Canada Inc. was founded by a group of environmental conscious Canadians who share a vision in common.  Incorporated in Toronto, Ontario during the year 2011, we are determined to deploy our personal eco-protection enthusiasm into real life practice. 

With painstaking effort, we search for cost effective, user friendly and low maintenance solutions facilitate neighbors and business owners to live a true GREEN life. In a broader term, keep expenses on waste management and ongoing utility bills under control.  

Why Westech Canada?

As a responsible supplier, we are very fastidious with our product selection.   Apart from fundamental conformity to all safety standards, we ensure you reliability with proven track records, reputed quality from established vendors are pre-requisites of our service commitment.   

Before we put any appliances in the market, all products have gone through our scrupulous stress tests that conform our requirements for safety, energy efficiency and performance effectiveness.

As much as we love our Earth, we pledge our service to the GREEN attributes we all deserve.  

We shall bestow every effort within our limits to practice and promote environmental friendly technologies and measures to sustain a green Earth for our many more generations to dwell on.

- From our GREEN hearts -